We are EURU (pronouonced U-roo)

Here we pride ourselves having contacts and relationships with our professional clubs within the UK.

With one of our original EURU staff members being based in the UK full time, we are able to keep up to date with all UK recruitment updates, stay on top of what clubs are looking for - what positions, qualities, etc.

EURU and our staff are very committed and motivated in bridging the gap of soccer to football from Canada to the UK and Europe. The moment you come in, we are actively looking to get you out.

All of our players will be given the opportunity to showcase themselves with the original founders of football in the UK and will have access to the world's best leagues

All our players and staff will compete in at least one UK showcase tour along with potential age groups competing in elite private invite only tournaments in the UK.

Children Playing Football


COVID-19: We hope at this time that everyone is keeping safe & in good health and spirits.

With focus on technical, tactical & social elements of the game we hope to be able to continue to stimulate & develop players during these times of isolation.

1) Ball Mastery – daily training assigned.

2) eLearning Tactics – weekly analysis of youtube content. Survey monkey Q & A in small groups with coaches via small group settings.

3) Socializing – Icebreakers, get to know you Q & A , and Others to come. 

Our coaches, with more than 35+ years combined experience, work hard to keep players engaged & learning, socializing & building relationships with teammates & creating an element of community.